Автор: James Longuski
Год издания: 2007
Издательство: Springer
Формат: pdf

This title explains the methods that rocket scientists use — expressed in a way that could be applied in everyday life. The book illustrates the methods (the 7 secrets) with anecdotes, quotations and biographical sketches of famous scientists, ideas from sci-fi, personal stories and insights, and occasionally a bit of space history. The author reveals that rocket science is just common sense applied to the extraordinarily uncommon environment of outer space and that rocket scientists are people, too.
Praise for the book: ‘It’s really great’ — Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Lunar Module Pilot, First Manned Landing on the Moon. «People of Earth! Attention’! Jim Longuski’s book takes you on a journey of exploration to that nearly infinite space between the ears and behind the brows of that most mysterious of all creatures — the rocket scientist! Going well beyond the oft-used aphorisms, where no writer has gone before, he shows you how these gifted individuals think, feel, work, play, fantasize, rationalize, laugh and cry. From the glories of their epoch-making achievements to the tragedies of their magnificent failures, it is all here, told with insight, humor, objectivity and personal perspective. Without being preachy, lessons are offered that apply to anyone seeking to make professional or personal life just a little bit more successful and fun. I just couldn’t set this book down’ — Robert Cesarone, Rocket Scientist, Voyager Navigator, Space Communications Architect. ‘This book is a must read for everyone — not just those who think they want to know how Rocket Scientists think. Do not be scared off by the title; it’s a delightful and wonderfully useful easy read’ — Dr. William J. O’Neil, Galileo Project Manager, 1990-1998, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.
В книге описываются методы, которыми руководствуются ракетостроители, изложенные в манере, которую можно применять в повседневной жизни. Эти методы (7 секретов) разъясняются при помощи историй, цитат и биографических очерков о знаменитых ученых, идей из области научной фантастики, личного опыта, а также истории космонавтики. Автор показывает, что ракетостроение — это тот же здравый смысл, применённый к чрезвычайно необычной среде, какой является космическое пространство, и что ракетостроители — такие же люди, как и мы.