Автор: Joseph R. Chambers / Джозеф Р. Чемберс
Год издания: 2010
Издательство: US National Aeronautics and Space

The state of the art in aeronautical engineering has been continually accelerated by the development of advanced analysis and design tools. Used in the early design stages for aircraft and spacecraft, these methods have provided a fundamental understanding of physical phenomena and enabled designers to predict and analyze critical characteristics of new vehicles, including the capability to control or modify unsatisfactory behavior. For example, the relatively recent emergence and routine use of extremely power- ful digital computer hardware and software has had a major impact on design capabilities and procedures. Sophisticated new airlow measurement and visualization systems permit the analyst to conduct micro- and macro-studies of properties within low ields on and off the surfaces of models in advanced wind tunnels.
В книге описываются методы ранних стадий проектирования аэрокосмической техники на стадии модельной отработки в лабораториях NASA (включая исследования в аэродинамических трубах, аналитическикие способы и применение средств интелектуального проектирования).