Автор: Giovanni Pratesi
Год издания: 2014
Издательство: The Open University and The Natural History Museum, UK Giovanni Pratesi
Формат: pdf

A complete visual reference for meteorite classification, this atlas combines highresolution optical microscope images with detailed descriptions. It provides a systematic account of meteorites and their most important classification parameters, making it an essential for meteorite researchers.
Each chapter starts with a description of the meteorite class, with a summary of the mineralogical, chemical and isotopic characteristics of the group. The full-colour images are taken in both transmitted light (plane and between crossed-polars) and reflected light, and are arranged to highlight textural differences in meteorites. Specimens are grouped to show the effects of increasing thermal alteration and shock, as well as differences in chondrule size and type. Chapters on iron meteorites, pallasites and mesosiderites are included, photographed under reflected light, to show the range of textures that accompany these meteorites. Images from the book can be downloaded from
Monica Grady is Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences in the Department of Physical Sciences, The Open University. Her research focuses on the carbon and nitrogen geochemistry of primitive meteorites and of Martian meteorites. Asteroid (4731) was named Monicagrady in her honour. Giovanni Pratesi is Director at the Natural History Museum of the University of Firenze.
He is also Assistant Professor at the Earth Sciences Department of the same University, where he carries out research on systematic, environmental and planetary mineralogy. Vanni Moggi Cecchi is Curator of the Museum of Planetary Sciences, Prato, Italy. He carries out research on meteorites, focusing his work on the textural and compositional features of primitive achondrites and of chondrites. Since 2003 he has classified more