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I am not an engineer but I have a serious doubt about using, for the core stage, an universal stage (the same than the side boosters ones). To have good performances a rocket stage must have a light structure. But the core stage must have to withstand all the weight of the upper stages!How to withstand a high load with a light structure??!
ExoMars 2016 -- Протон-М/Бриз-М -- Байконур -- 14.03.2016, 12:31 ДМВ, Европейско-российская АМС к Марсу
Congratulations to all involved!  :D
А не поздравить ли нам женщин с 8 марта?
I am waiting the time the 8 mars day of women will be suppressed because that will means that women and men will have got equality in all parts of the life and all parts of the world!

Congratulations ladies, for your fight toward equality.
[ Закрыто] Выбор названия для ПТК НП
My suggestion is to name the new piloted spacecraft "Vector" and to give a sub-name to each sample of the spacecraft. For exemple the first to fly could be Vector - Gagarin, the second, Vector - Koroliov and so on.
[ Закрыто] Госкорпорация "Роскосмос"
I have a question about the web site of Roscosmos: which is the official site? www.roscosmos.ru or www.federalspace.ru?
They have mainly the same content but roscosmos.ru appears to be "state corporation" version...by contrast with the "space agency" version.
Also I am also puzzled by the existence of both ORKK and Roscosmos...very difficult to understand for a foreigner...
Национальный космодром на Дальнем Востоке
[QUOTE]Андрей Иванов пишет:
Quote There were two figures. "three weeks" and "38 days" .. The first appears to be lettered for transport.

As an option, both graphs are correct.

Yesterday, for example, could come "try-on" Union, which will be a test all the "trolley" and a few times will be on the launch pad ... before ...

and on schedule, "38 days" arrive "combat" the product.


in Plesektske, a "tester" under IC Angara is:

[FILE ID=57766][/QUOTE]The Plesetsk Angara launch pad was painted in blue now?
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[QUOTE]SFN пишет:
Quote patchfree пишет:
My other proposal is "Oasis"...
Bravo! "Oasis" quite well.
"Noah's Ark" was?

[/QUOTE]Or it could be "дальше" but quite different in English ("Further")... The letter "д" looks like the shape of the descent module...
[QUOTE]pnetmon пишет:
the contest [url]http://gagarin.energia.ru/konkurs-ptk-np.html[/url]
... RSC "Energia" reserves the right to choose for a new manned transport spacecraft different name without using the options proposed in the Competition.
About the processing of personal data ....

[/QUOTE]As I am not a Russian citizen I can't participate in the contest but my feeling is that the name "Clipper" could be a good choice...
In my idea the name would make reference to the long distance travel (deep space) and have a name which has a similar pronunciation and spelling in Russian and English.
My other proposal is "Oasis"...
Национальный космодром на Дальнем Востоке
[QUOTE]Lanista writes:

[/QUOTE]Could you please translate the words drawn on the side slope? Thanks
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Национальный космодром на Дальнем Востоке
What about the airfield near Vostochny spacecenter? It had been postponed or cancelled?
Опрос: состоится или нет в декабре 2015 года первый пуск с космодрома Восточный, Тема-ромашка
1. Yes
When Russian have an important goal, they succeed...
А не поздравить ли нам Анатолия Зака?
Bon anniversaire Anatoly!
Национальный космодром на Дальнем Востоке
No new pictures from Vostochny buildings? The video (webcam) from Vostochny does not longer work for me...
А не поздравить ли нам Александра Железнякова?
Умер Виктор Павлович Легостаев
Condolences to his Energia colleagues and russian space industry.
А не поздравить ли нам товарища Артёма??, Жарова с Днём рождения
Happy birthday from France  :D ! Bon anniversaire !
1-й пуск А5 и перспективы Ангары из Плесецка
Congratulations to all involved and fans of russian space!  :)
Roscosmos headquarters picture
I am looking for a picture of the Roscomos (FKA) headquarters (ул. Щепкина, д.42 in Moscow). Who can provide me with such a picture?
Thank you.
Аист + 2 СКРЛ-756 – Союз-2-1В/Волга – 28.12.2013 - Плесецк
Congratulations to you russian guys for this "first"!
and... to my colleague Nicolas ("Nikolaï" on the french forum "forum de la conquête spatiale" ;)  for passing us a lot of key informations about this launch.
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[QUOTE]frigate пишет:
Фотографии patchfree ПТК НП с салона МАКС-2013 с франзузского космического форума
Merci beaucoup, Christian Cognard  :!:  [/QUOTE]Please, wiil you correct your post: the pictures are not from me but from Nicolas Pillet (Nikolaï39) who posted them on a thread that I have opened some months ago.

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