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История САС
Thank you, Vladimir!

What I found to be most interesting is the orientation of these photos. The top one should be flipped horizontally:

And the bottom one flipped vertically:

These are both great photos, and get me closer to understanding the details of the SAS. Creating a 1:50 display model requires correct detail from all sides. I have the details for most of the remaining parts of the N-1 (the N1-5L), but this one part still alludes me.

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История САС
One thing which has alluded me for some time is the details of the N-1 Launch Escape System.

I have seen many illustration, but without the details visible above the nozzles and at the point where it was attached in the photograph below:


When contrasted the details become more apparent, but still allude me.


Has anyone here seen any image or film footage which show these details clearly?

David L. Rickman
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Вопрос про ракету Союз., Как она вообще могла получиться из "Семерки"?
Pardon my intrusion into this topic, but Schwalbe, could you contact me at Capt.David@yandex.ru
Alexei Leonov contact information

I am looking for the best way - or any way - to contact Alexei Leonov.

If anyone here knows how, or knows of someone who knows how, please contact me off-forum at Capt-David@yandex.ru
Many Thanks!

David L. Rickman
Коммерческий орбитальный корабль НПОмаш / Excalibur Almaz
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Лунный Ракетный Комплекс Н-1-Л-3
[QUOTE]Schwalbe wrote:
Does anyone know what is on the LC Sensors 106K?
[/QUOTE]I may know someone who can answer that question.

Contact me off-forum. DavidLRickman@gmail.com
Happy Birthday, David!
Thank you, all!

I'm embarrassed to say that, once again, I did not see this until nearly a month after my birthday! :oops:

But, that is the price for burying myself in my search for hard to find historical accounts of manned spaceflight!!! ;)
ВИ-4-ЛК «лунником»
[COLOR=#ffffff][SIZE=5]Respected Colleagues!

I am looking for background material related to the training of cosmonauts for flights in the Lunniy Korabl. There has been little found, other than these references:


and then a link to this photograph of the ВИ-4-ЛК «лунником»:[/COLOR]


[SIZE=5]If there are other sources of information related to the hardware used in training for flights of the Lunniy Korabl, please share them below!

With Gratitude,

David L. Rickman[/SIZE]
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Роль Челомея в космонавтике
Here is a series of little images found in a PDF Excalibur Almaz sent me some time ago.

Изменено: David Rickman - 03.07.2014 19:06:42
Almaz Space Stations for Lunar Landing and Deep Space, Almaz Patents
Thought these might be of interest. One is for the Patent A Lunar Landing Almaz station, and the Other is for Radiation Protection for A Deep Space Almaz. Interesting. http://www.freepatent.ru/patents/2509689 http://www.freepatent.ru/patents / 2513354



And how to carry all the needed supplies: http://www.freepatent.ru/patents/2494019

Изменено: David Rickman - 11.06.2014 04:09:09
Лунные исследовательские капсулы (ЛИК)
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Here's a snippet of information I was able to locate regarding the cameras designed for use in the Soviet Manned Lunar Program. From V.V. Molodtsov:[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][I]Четвертый этап - космическая экспедиция с высадкой космонавтов на лунную поверхность. Для выполнения этой задачи ВНИИТ разработал два комплекса ТВ-аппаратуры «Лунь». (Гл. конструктор - П.Ф. Брацлавец, зам. гл. конструктора - М.Н. Цаплин). Первый ТВ комплекс - КР-60 предназначался для космического корабля (КК) 11Ф93 для облета Луны с двумя космонавтами, второй - КР-120 для КК 11Ф94 с посадочным модулем ТВ-2, в котором размещался один космонавт. Он должен был выйти на лунную поверхность, а затем вернуться на космический корабль.[/I][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][I]ВНИИТ разработал: репортажные ТВ-камеры КР-81-А, КР-81-Д, стационарную ТВ-камеру - КР-81Е на вещательный стандарт, аппаратуру контроля ориентации остронаправленной антенны на Землю, контроля параметров траектории спуска, другое оборудование, а также черно-белую стереотелевизионную камеру (КР- 814) для ведения репортажей с поверхности Луны. Были начаты работы по созданию цветной репортажной стереотелевизионной камеры, но, к сожалению, эти работы, не имеющие аналогов в[/I][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][I]мировой практике, были прекращены. Решением правительства советская лунная программа была закрыта, поскольку американские астронавты опередили нас. Они первыми высадились на лунную поверхность.[/I][/FONT]

Little by little we're getting detailed information that will help preserve the history of this program!

P.S. Shcwalbe: You've provided the best information so far! When you get a chance, would you contact me at DavidLRickman@gmail.com
Лунные исследовательские капсулы (ЛИК)
[QUOTE]Schwalbe writes:
Quote Stage I - RSC launches N1-L3 for flight Testing A New Three-stage carrier Rocket Complex Systems and units with an ORM headunit A3 (A3 to number 6);
Stage II - working out RSC Complex N1-L3 Comprising:
- A full-scale further Testing of A Three-stage carrier and Missile Systems RSC units and A3;
- Implementation of the flight RSC A3 Unmanned LOC LC and layout to the Moon, Including the Transition and LOC LC orbit ISL, Department of LOC LOC LC and return to Earth with a landing in SA given location on earth (L3 to number 7),
- Implementation of the flight RSC A3 Unmanned ships and LOC LC, Including flight to the moon, and the Transition LOC LC orbit ISL, LK landing on the moon, lunar exploration using scientific equipment, the implementation attempts takeoff with LK lunar surface to fuel consumed, or buckling, LOC return to Earth with a landing CA in a given area of the earth (L3 objects number 8, 9)
- Implementation of mining RSC L3 manned and unmanned LOC LC, including testing of rocket units L3 complex during flight to the moon, the output of ships in orbit LIS, check the transition of the astronaut in the LOC LC and back, LK landing on the lunar surface , the study of the lunar surface with the help of scientific equipment off LK, LK and LOK docking in orbit ISL and subsequent return to the CA with the crew board to Earth (L3 objects number 10, 11, 12)
- mapping of the Lunar surface in order to Select the LK Lunar landing mission.  I think this May be it:  Source - Slide old, Apparently, with A Poster for the Report.



Schwalbe! I have with A Colleague Questions About this Image (and A few others You've posted ;) ). Could you contact me off-forum DavidLRickman@gmail.com???                                                                                                                                              
Лунные исследовательские капсулы (ЛИК)
One questions is what the purpose of this logo? Is this the logo for an industry, and if not why did you put it on the blocks? Were you a student studying at the time, or did you work at KB Arsenal when you put this logo on the Orientation Block?
Шрифт: Лунный Ракетный Комплекс Л3 ???, Finding the Font used in image of L3 Complex
The union says:
Fitting writes:
Just today a friend to me will call. Worked in Bolshevo, in a research institute.
Wrote from memory, then close to the popular fonts. But the canonical sequence was not.
Not the computer. That, incidentally close font. http://www.fonts-online.ru/font/a_JasperCapsSh


Wow!!! This is so very, very close that it serves as a great substitution! Thank you so much!!!
Изменено: David Rickman - 15.05.2014 00:53:56
Шрифт: Лунный Ракетный Комплекс Л3 ???, Finding the Font used in image of L3 Complex
Pavel wrote:
Also produced in the USSR That font directories you can use When you make. If nobody Knows, you can TRY to Find A Directory and such search already there.
Here is A Snapshot of this Directory:  http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/4130/16130329.34/0_9f150_f3f92f8e_orig

This is fantastic! Thank you very much!

This is something I want to acquire.  Can you give me information on the publisher, or where I can find a copy of this book???
Шрифт: Лунный Ракетный Комплекс Л3 ???, Finding the Font used in image of L3 Complex
This may seem unimportant to some, but I am looking for the Font used in the title of this image. I have found similar fonts, but they are not exactly the same.

So, I ask: Can anyone here find the font used in the image???

Лунные исследовательские капсулы (ЛИК)
Here is a better view of this symbol:

Лунные исследовательские капсулы (ЛИК)
[QUOTE]luft67 writes:
[QUOTE]David, i'm afraid i didn't understand you, pls specify your question. Would you like to find perfect places of that logo application? Or something else?

It's a pleasure to see again my own picture here:)!


It is the logo Which is found in Upper left...[/QUOTE]
Изменено: David Rickman - 13.05.2014 23:39:00
Лунные исследовательские капсулы (ЛИК)

Here is A question Answered Which needs. This logo can be found on The Orientation Block for the Lunniy Korabl, and the Starter Motor for the Block D.

I know it's in here somewhere, but I can not Find it! PLEASE HELP!!!
Лунный Ракетный Комплекс Н-1-Л-3
[QUOTE]Shlyadinsky Alexander writes:
Что еще в конце-концов обнаружится? Когда-то меня убеждали, что не существует вообще ни одной фотографии Н-1, а теперь уже много чего найдено...

[/QUOTE]I Remember Those days very well! ;)

Fortunately, one of my first and Closest Internet friendships with WAS Sergey Andreev. And one of the first things he Told me (and Told me very adamantly) to WAS not Believe anyone tried to WHO Tell me That no more Photographs of the N1 Existed. Out of All the Conversations we HAD, this one WAS one of the Best pieces of advice he ever gave to me!

Now, just like Alexander, I'm wondering how many more will show up??? Every new image gives us more information about the details. But there are still unanswered questions, and disagreements about payloads. So we need more, and more images and information!!!
Изменено: David Rickman - 28.03.2014 19:15:40
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