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Blue Origin

Very interesting Video! Really nice to follow. Usually Blue Origin is way too secretive. Overview of the company and tons of little details. Some highlights:
  • Blue origin = we are all of blue origin, Carl Sagan's blue Dot
  • Feather is a metaphor for weightlessness.
  • Move polluting industries to space; space is a way to be more sustainable. Thought this was really interesting.
  • Low cost access to space
  • Jeff Bezos inspired by Neil Armstrong and moon landings.
  • Blue Origin is 'customer focused' because of Amazon influence.
  • Blue Origin is actually 17 yrs old but it was very secretive for a long time. Philosophy of talking about technology after you have done it instead of when you plan on doing it.
  • 1024 employees! Facilities in Washington, Texas, building in Florida, and small office in Virginia
  • Building a large scale engine production facility soon in an undisclosed location
  • First New Shepard Propulsion module crashed instead of landing. (I didn't know that)
  • First three flights of the 2nd booster they didn't even take the engine out! Just inspections!
  • Blue origin = Tortoise not hare. Slow and steady. Step by Step.
  • There was a BE-1 and BE-2!!! I can't make out their stats (20:39) They were both LOX LH also.
  • 30% of employees have 20+ yrs experience. 30% 10+ yrs experience 30% recent grads (wonder how this compares to spacex)
  • <4% turnover. People like working at New Origin. (not quite like spaceX.....)
  • 'Strakes' on NG help glide on re-entry.
  • NG needs to be robust to launch in 95% of weather conditions. This will help with launch delays and just generally launching on time.
  • NG is so big to be robust and reusable.
  • BE-4 designed for 100 reuses (not expected to actually fly that much, overdesigned on purpose)
  • NG numbers a conservative estimate. Better to over-preform.
  • 2 stage for commercial and LEO payloads.
  • 3 stage for exploration and further afield.
  • 6 landing gear so if one breaks it can still land.
  • LNG (Liquid natural gas) chosen because: it is green, commercially available, 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of RP-1 (especially beneficial for tons of testing).
  • BE-4 expected to get down to 40% thrust.
  • NG expected to fly 2nd half of 2020.
  • Launch site refurbishment of an Atlas launch pad underway at CCAFS, just outside KSC.
  • 1st and 2nd stage and fairings built onsite at the new factory. (not engines)
  • Giant florida factory: 750,000 sq ft, 250 million dollars, 27 months start to finish, will be done this December!
  • Horizontal integration like spaceX.
  • goal of 12 missions per year by three years of flying. But want to be able to fly multiple times a month if necessary. Interesting this is so little. (compared to SpaceX who are constantly talking about launching every two weeks)
  • As was speculated, landing will be on a ship that is moving because it is more stable.
  • Mission control at the factory.
  • Ship will be autonomous!
  • Undisclosed patented system to maneuver the NS in space. (WTF does this mean?)
  • 5 degrees of gimbal on BE-4
  • 3 stage NG could fly the Blue Moon Lander
  • NG will be easier to land than NS. Because it has more mass/harder to tip over. Elon said a similar thing with ITS being easier to land.
  • We intend to be 'market-leading' in terms of cost per kg.
  • BE-4 was upgraded from 400k lbf to 550 at ULA's request
  • On the BE-4 engine: "...it is now sitting on the test stand in Texas and getting ready to hot fire that engine in the coming weeks."
  • Eutelsat is first customer for New Glenn, also OneWeb has booked 5 flights
  • Landing area on ship will be 50m x 60m
  • Landing burn begins at altitude of 3000 ft
ULA chief says Blue Origin in driver’s seat for Vulcan engine deal
April 18, 2017 Stephen Clark
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A full-scale BE-4 engine developed by Blue Origin, the space company founded by Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos, is installed on a test stand in West Texas for a series of hotfire tests that United Launch Alliance will closely examine before settling on the reusable methane-fueled engine for its new-generation Vulcan rocket.

If the engine firings are successful, ULA will likely sel ect the BE-4 engine for the first stage of the Vulcan booster set to begin launching by the end of 2019, according to Tory Bruno, ULA’s president and chief executive.

ULA will decide between Blue Origin’s BE-4 engine and the kerosene-fueled AR1 powerplant fr om Aerojet Rocketdyne, a more traditional aerospace supplier.

But the BE-4 is ahead of the AR1 in development, and Bruno said ULA will go with the Blue Origin-built engine as soon as the first series of test-firings are successfully accomplished.

“When that engine begins its testing and we collect enough data, we’ll be able to decide if the engine is going to work and meet the performance requirements,” Bruno said April 4 at the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. “When that data is in hand, then we’ll make the down-selection. I expect that to be this year.”
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Blue Origin‏ @blueorigin 1 ч. назад

We lost a set of powerpack test hardware on one of our BE-4 test stands yesterday. Not unusual during development.

1 ч. назад

That’s why we always set up our development programs to be hardware rich. Back into testing soon. #GradatimFerociter
  • Powerpack (rocket engine), the set of turbopumps and valves that provides the fuel-oxidizer mix to the injectors and combustion chamber of a liquid rocket engine.
Blue Origin suffers BE-4 testing mishap

by Jeff Foust — May 15, 2017
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WASHINGTON — Blue Origin said May 14 it suffered a setback in the development of its BE-4 engine with the loss of a key hardware component of the engine in a recent test.

In a pair of tweets late May 14, the company said it lost “a set of powerpack test hardware” for the BE-4 on a test stand at the company’s West Texas test site in a May 13 incident. “Not unusual during development,” the company said, offering no other details about what caused the accident, or any damage to the test stand or other equipment.

The powerpack is a key component of a rocket engine that includes the turbomachinery that pumps propellant — in this case, liquid oxygen and methane — through the engine. The BE-4 powerpack generates about 75,000 horsepower, getting its power from a small engine called a preburner.
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Blue Origin‏ @blueorigin 1 ч. назад

Excited to select Huntsville AL as the site for our #BE4 rocket engine production #VulcanRocket #GradatimFerociter http://www.hsvchamber.org/rocketcity/
Press Release


New 200,000 square feet facility to locate in Cummings Research Park

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA—Blue Origin announced plans to manufacture its BE-4 engine in a state-of-the art production facility to be built in Huntsville, Alabama -- the Rocket City.

The new facility will be in Cummings Research Park, the nation’s second-largest research park, and construction can begin once an engine production contract with United Launch Alliance is awarded. The BE-4 is America’s next rocket engine and will power United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket, once down-selected. The production of this engine would end the nation’s dependence on Russia for access to space for critical national security space systems.
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Robin Seemangal‏Подлинная учетная запись @nova_road 26 мин. назад

At Cape Canaveral, @JeffBezos' @blueorigin has made incredible progress on their orbital rocket factory. Shot with my wheel man @JRouRouRou

Emre Kelly‏Подлинная учетная запись @EmreKelly 6 ч. назад

Sen. Bill Nelson at @BlueOrigin KSC facility: "We're going to have several launches a week and, in some cases, two launches a day." – Kennedy Space Center
Emre Kelly‏Подлинная учетная запись @EmreKelly 2 ч. назад

Fun facts about @BlueOrigin's KSC facility: Opening Dec. 2017; launch control will be there (~10 miles from pad); oh, and it's huge.
Blue Origin - 4K - New Rocket Factory 07-31-2017


Опубликовано: 31 июл. 2017 г.

Incredible to see the Space Coast first commercial rocket factory in progress. The employees will have a great launch view from the roof. Several old launch pads coming back to life.Blue Origin's Plant is less than 10 miles from the launch site, Pad 36.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSpg-wy7lfs (4:39)
Stephen Clark‏ @StephenClark1 3 ч. назад

Clay Mowry of Blue Origin announces New Glenn will debut with 7-meter fairing on first launch. 2x volume of any 5-meter fairing flying today

3 ч. назад

Blue Origin's Mowry: Next version of New Shepard suborbital booster shipped to West Texas launch site to fly before end of this year.
Ariane Cornell‏ @arianecornell 3 ч. назад

http://Www.blueorigin.com got a refresh! Check out details on #newshepard, #newglenn, our engine tech & Blue careers
Caleb Henry‏ @CHenry_SN 4 ч. назад

Blue Origin factory in Florida. Company says facility, still under construction, is fine post-Irma.
New Glenn will debut with 7-meter fairing on first launch. 2x volume of any 5-meter fairing flying today
Это ж сколько OneWeb-ов они туда собираются засунуть? 100?
Stephen C. Smith‏ @WordsmithFL 24 ч. назад

The @blueorigin construction site didn't have any obvious significant damage.
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September 26, 2017 / News

mu Space partners with Blue Origin to launch geostationary satellite

mu Space Corp today announced at the 68th Annual International Astronautical Congress that they have entered into an agreement with Blue Origin to partner on a future launch of a geostationary satellite aboard their New Glenn orbital rocket. The launch is set to happen early in the next decade.
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Blue Origin shows interest in national security launches
by Jeff Foust — October 6, 2017

CHANTILLY, Va. — The new chief executive of Blue Origin told the National Space Council his company is in discussions about certifying its New Glenn rocket for government missions, a shift in strategy that could put the company in competition with a customer.
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Blue Origin‏Подлинная учетная запись @blueorigin 10 мин. назад

First hotfire of our BE-4 engine is a success #GradatimFerociter

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