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Aerospace Systems. Export catalogue
The revised edition of the "Aerospace Systems" catalogue gives brief descriptions of Russian military/dual-use air and space systems and services offered for export by the Rosoboronexport State Corporation.
Airliners of the World
Astronomy Encyclopedia
Atlas of Meteorites
A complete visual reference for meteorite classification, this atlas combines highresolution optical microscope images with detailed descriptions.
Atlas of the Messier Objects
Эта книжка считается своего рода атласом объектов каталога Мессье и скажет Вам про всех 110 его объектах: галактиках, туманностях и звездных скоплениях.
DK Space Encyclopedia
The essential reference guide to space science and astronomy.
Encyclopedia of Earth and Space Science
Encyclopedia of Flight
This set presents an impressively broad range of information on more than 300 scientific and historical topics related to the field of aviation.
Encyclopedia of the Solar System
Энциклопедия посвященная Солнечной системе. Огромное количество разнообразных иллюстраций и фото планет и астеройдов, сделанных с Земли и с космических аппаратов.
Encyclopedia of Space Science & Technology
Researchers in optics, materials processing, and telecommunications require a reference that can provide a quick study of a number of basic topics in space science.
Encyclopedia of Space Science & Technology
A tradition of excellence continues with the long-awaited Tenth Edition of McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Science & Technology
Encyclopedia of Space and Astronomy
Handbook of Space Technology
Это руководство описывает процессы и методологию, лежащих в основе развития, строительства, эксплуатации и использования космических систем
History of Astronomy: An Encyclopedia
This Encyclopedia traces the history of the oldest science from the ancient world to the space age in over 300 entries by leading experts.
How It Works. Book Of Space. Extended Edition
Исследуя планеты, звезды и астероиды, эта книга будет вести Вас через пространство и время от самого Большого взрыва.
How It Works Book of 101 Amazing Facts You Need To Know
This book contains facts from six subject areas: the environment, technology, science, space, transport and history – and each section is packed with questions and answers that will feed even the hungriest of minds.
How It Works Book of Incredible Earth
"The Book of Incredible Earth" takes you on an exciting journey through everything you need to know about the world we live in.oes, and ancient fossils.
How It Works Book of Incredible Earth Volume 1
The Book of Incredible Earth will show you just how awe-inspiring our planet really is.
How It Works Book of Space Volume 1 Fifth Revised Edition
How It Works: Book of Space (4th Revised Edition 2015)
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