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Космический корабль "Восток-5". Инструкции внутри
Большое спасибо, Игорь!

Космический корабль "Восток-5". Инструкции внутри
Может кто поможет заполнить и проверить эти инструкции? Он расположен в космический корабль «Восток-5 в Калуге. Спасибо.


В НК фотоальбом:
Пульт космического корабля «Восток».
Старый, Thank you. I will correct my site and diagram.
Here, sometimes we refer to the rocket portion of an ejection seat as a catapult. This sounds very medieval with contrast to space technology  :D You are correct.
Пульт космического корабля «Восток».
David, I made the second image based on what is currently known of these labels. It likely is not 100% accurate with regard to positions or colors of one or two lights. "Приготовиться к катапультированию" or "Prepare to Catapult" may have been located in the red section. However, I have seen evidence that a red or amber light transparency was located here in at least one instance, and by logic, this light serves a second purpose as a sequential light as it is included after PO/SA separation. The ordering and placement of the red lights is uncertain, but the yellow ones the most reliable. The existing labels are all supported by solid documentary evidence.
Светлая память...   :cry:
Книги по космонавтике ценные и полезные
Пожалуйста, интересующийся. Я хочу увидеть книгу  :D
Потерянные КК "Восток"
1К №2 (Белка, Стрелка) -- Подлипки, РКК "Энергия"
1К №6 (на Тунгуску) -- ?
3КА №1 (Чернушка) -- Томилино, МЗ "Звезда", переоборудован в тренажер для отработки выхода в открытый космос
3КА №2 (Звездочка) -- выкуплен на Sotheby's 12.04.2011, установлен у Планетария (Москва)
3КА №3 (Гагарин) -- Подлипки, РКК "Энергия"
3КА №4 (Титов) -- утрачен при испытаниях парашютной системы
3КА №5 (Николаев) -- Шоршелы
3КА №6 (Попович) -- ?
3КА №7 (Быковский) -- Калуга, ГМИК
3КА №8 (Терешкова) -- Подлипки, РКК "Энергия"
3КВ №1 "Космос-47" «Восход-3КВ» -- ?
3КВ №3 (Комаров, Феоктистов, Егоров) -- Подлипки, РКК "Энергия”
3КД №2 "Космос-57" «Восход-3КД» -- [COLOR=red]непреднамеренно подорван на орбите[/COLOR]
3КД №4 (Беляев, Леонов) -- Подлипки, РКК "Энергия"
3КВ №5 "Космос-110" (Ветерок и Уголёк) -- Подлипки, РКК "Энергия”.
3КВ №6 -- Подлипки, РКК "Энергия”

Потерянные КК "Восток"
3КА № 6 на НПП Звезда как модель-макет КК «Восход-2».
Советские черепахи - первые покорители Луны
Zond-5, 6, 7, and 8 all carried biological specimens, In my notes Zond-5 carried 2 turtles and Zond-7 carried 4 turtles to the moon.

They were kept in a lab in bldg 3 at the IMBP under amber colored lamps.

It would be interesting to hear more about these turtles and their specially designed "turtle chamber".  What parameters were monitored in flight (heart rate, body temperature, eye movements) ?

This would be a good papers to find:
1) Gazenko OG, Antipov VV, Parfenov GP, Saksonov PP. Results of a biological
experiment conducted aboard the automatic station "Zond-5". Aerosp Med. 1969

2) Post-flight histological analysis of turtles aboard Zond 7.
Sutulov LS, Kulkin SG, Saxonov PP, Sutulov JL, Konnova NI, Truchina LV, Severgina ES, Samsonova LL, Sonina SN, Selivanova TV, Solovyev VI.
Пульт космического корабля «Восток».
Пожалуйста посетите мой вебсайт (в английском с русской терминологией):

3 зеленых света табло, котор нужно добавить " Спуск I" " Спуск II" и " Спуск III"
См. также:
Предупреждающие (желтые): "УКВ ПЕРЕДАЧА" и "КВ ПЕРЕДАЧА" на ТС-2.
Пульт космического корабля «Восток».
я имею лучше “компоновки СА Восток”, оно 2.25MB от Телевидение
“Screenshot” фото. Однако, я могу посылать фото по электронной почте.

1)    On The Right side panel to the right of the Ручка управления,  тумблер для включения Один из трёх углов (рыскание, тангажа, крена). Only two axis manual control was availble on the first Vostok, but Vostok-2 though Vostok-6 included all 3 axis. In the Vostok-3 interior picture the absence of these switches is due to “remodeling” or “beautifying” the interior – Not consistent with history.

2) I do not know the function of switches below Часы АЧС-1.

3) Радиоприемник на панели - ЗБ-17 широковещательный радиоприемник –ШВРП) used for receiving ШВРС (broadcast stations) in an experiment about radio wave propagation and to provide entertainment for the cosmonaut. It was built by НИИ-695 now МНИИРС «Московский научно-исследовательский институт радиосвязи».


Интересно! , электричество от батареи радиоизотопа !

4) Большой тумблер над радиоприемником - тумблер кресла катапульты. It would have been included in the final minutes of readiness and turned off somewhere between the 70th second of flight and entering orbit. Again it would be armed after retrofire ( and before reaching 7000m in altitude.
Радиостанций «ЗАРЯ»
Привет :)
On Globus sold to someone in America, the numbered locations of the "Zarya" radiostations seems to have been found at the various measurement points. The known first 3 stations from the flight of the Spacecraft "Vostok-1" matches the labels on this globe.

Do all of you agree with this chart I have prepared?

Пульт космического корабля «Восток».
This is a great idea to model the entire flight in 3D, Konstantin. I've noticed you want to have accurate instrumentation on the interior of the spacecraft.  While the links just provided are of great help, the actual configuration of the instrumant panel signal table has not been resolved.

At the end of the post, I place what I have so far, and also ideas on how to once and for all complete this area.

About solutions to this question:
1)the most intact Signal Table is on the Instrument panel at the Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow. The lighting there is not good for photography, so detailed note taking and multiple photographs are recommended.


2) Close up views of the tranparansies on the right side of the panel in this photo may be of help.
The Administrators may be able to help here, пожалуйста  :)

For other aspects of modeling these panels here is my website, where I have published dimensions of the panels:

It turns out the circut breaker above the manual control handle is for arming the Catapult Armchair ! And the two handles on the left side of the armchair are for adjusting the pendant system harness.

Regarding having a 3-state or 3-pole switches with a neutral position or state on the instrument panel for the shutters of the VZOR optical device this would seem to be true.

[url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/36096857@N04/5276136344/]Tablo[/url] by [url=http://www.flickr.com/people/36096857@N04/]AmyKat26[/url], on Flickr
Technical Details KK "Восток" for 2011 book
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In preparation of the 50th anniversary of the flight of Yu. A. Gagarin, I am preparing a technical manual that compiles all known data from the internet and publications that have been published to date regarding the spacecraft "Vostok". (By extrapolation spacecraft "Voskhod" data is also usefull).

Here are some areas in which information is still needed in more detail:

Система электропитания (СЭП) - the batteries seem to be СЦС –5  - but how many are there and how are they configured ? Which voltages were used before the standard of 27 +/- 3V ?

What were the commands used by the CRL Командная радиолиния "МРВ-ВС – БКРЛ-В" ? Does anyone have pictures of the МРВ-ВС panel ?

Three years later the transparencies of the signal tablo on instrument panel the still have not been resolved....we have Спуск-I Спуск-II Спуск-III in green, and the "Sounds Off" and "Emegency Tranferred" in Amber.
Does anyone have any new photos of the PD "приборной доски" from museums ? The panel at the Central Armed Forces Museum can be usefull if one takes a photo with a newer camera in high resolution.

What were the frequencies of the "Tral-P" ? What data parameters were transmitted - a complete list would be usefull.

Thanks for any help!
Система сведения Востока-1 с орбиты?
Окислитель АК-27I "Меланж":
# Концентрированная азотная кислота – 69,8 – 70,2 %
# Четыреокись азота – 24 – 28 %
# Вода – 1,3 – 2 %
# Соли аллюминия – не более 0,01%
# Йод – 0,12 – 0,16 % (ингибитор)
# Плотность – 1,596 – 1,613

Пусковое горючее ТГ-02 "Самин":
# Изомерные ксилидины – 50+-2%
# Технический триэтиламин – 50+-2%
# Вода – до 0,4%
# Плотность 0,835-0,855
Умер Павел Попович
Вечная память.
Vostok-1, Gagarin (Vostok 3 KA)
The picture from the Photo Archive is most accurate IMHO, I have added notes. Max, where I have seen the later KK Vostok missions in the green/brown color was on the video "Joint-Flight" from Ivan's Space Video site. (The video was Secret when it was made).

We can also see the green external insulation on Vostok-6 in this photo.

At descent, (Спуск) the phenolic thermoplastic layers melted giving an orange/brown color, and exposing the aluminum layers that divided sections of the heat shield.
Vostok-1, Gagarin (Vostok 3 KA)

космического корабля Восток-1
Vostok-1, Gagarin (Vostok 3 KA)
The best picture is from the "Revell" model kit package. The SA or sphere was actually a dark green/brown color with cetain portions appearing as the white honeycomb design.

Later Vostok craft were nearly all green/brown in color.

The first silver colored spacecraft were the Voskhod.
Ракета-носитель Восход
As far as I know the 3KA "Vostok" was covered with green insulation and the "Voskhod" was covered with the aluminum foil over this layer.
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