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Союз МС-04 (№734) – Союз-ФГ – Байконур 1/5 – 20.04.2017
ISS Updates‏ @ISS101 2 мин. назад

Service Structure retraction is complete. 44 minutes to liftoff. Teams now pressing into final pad safing ahead of departing Site 1/5.
ISS Updates‏ @ISS101 56 сек. назад

The pre-launch checklist is complete for the crew, now being entertained with music pumped through the comm loops. #Soyuz
РОСКОСМОС‏Подлинная учетная запись @roscosmos 2 мин. назад

#СоюзМС04: колонны обслуживания переведены в горизонтальное положение - http://online.roscosmos.ru

04/20/2017 09:34

T-minus 39 minutes and counting. The two-piece service structure which enclosed the Soyuz rocket is being retracted to a horizontal position soon. The towers protected the rocket and provided workers and the Soyuz crew with access to the spacecraft since the rocket arrived at the launch pad Monday morning.

Several other umbilical arms connecting the rocket to the ground will be retracted at various times later in the countdown.
тут без жирной рекламы

30 мин. до пуска

04/20/2017 09:42

The clamshell mobile service towers have retracted to launch position at the Soyuz pad.
04/20/2017 09:45

T-minus 28 minutes and counting. The emergency escape system is being armed. The system would be employed if a major malfunction occurs, propelling the Soyuz capsule off the top of the rocket to safety.
ISS Updates‏ @ISS101 3 мин назад

The Launch Abort System is now being powered up and placed in safe mode for a checkout. Launch Command power is active. #Soyuz
ISS Updates‏ @ISS101 1 мин. назад

All teams are now departing the launch complex, either headed to a safe distance or entering the nearby Launch Bunker. #Soyuz
ISS Updates‏ @ISS101 46 сек. назад

Europe's 'The Final Countdown' #nowplaying aboard the Soyuz spacecraft. 21 minutes to liftoff.
04/20/2017 09:54

T-minus 20 minutes and counting. The Soyuz rocket will fly northeast from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, jettisoning its launch escape tower 1 minutes, 54 seconds, after liftoff. Four seconds later, the rocket's four liquid-fueled strap-on boosters and their RD-107A engines will separate as the core RD-108A engine, also known as the Block A second stage, continues firing.

The Soyuz launch shroud will release at T+plus 2 minutes, 37 seconds, followed by ignition of the third stage RD-0110 engine and separation of the Soyuz second stage at T+plus 4 minutes, 45 seconds.
The third stage's RD-0110 engine will fire for four minutes to inject the Soyuz spacecraft into orbit. Shutdown is set for T+plus 8 minutes, 45 seconds, followed by separation of the capsule in orbit three seconds later.

A series of communications and navigation antennas will deploy moments later as the Soyuz begins its six-hour, four-orbit chase of the International Space Station.
Docking is set for 9:23 a.m. EDT (1323 GMT).
04/20/2017 09:55

T-minus 17 minutes. At the time of launch, the International Space Station will be flying 251 miles over northeast Kazakhstan. When the Soyuz MS-04 spacecraft deploys from the Soyuz rocket's third stage, it will begin a six-hour rendezvous with the space station, which will be about 2,175 miles ahead of the capsule when it arrives in orbit.

04/20/2017 09:54
The crew is completing leak checks of the Sokol launch spacesuits at this point in the countdown
04/20/2017 09:56
Now in the launch count, realignment of the Soyuz rocket's trajectory control system and checks of internal batteries should be complete. The Soyuz telemetry system will soon be activated and monitoring of Soyuz's thermal control system also will begin.
04/20/2017 09:58
T-minus 16 minutes. The three-stage Soyuz rocket will ins ert the 15,500-pound space capsule in to a 143 by 118 mile orbit, inclined 51.6 degrees to the equator, according to NASA.
ISS Updates‏ @ISS101 48 сек. назад

L-15 Minutes: The Launch Abort System is now in auto mode, ready to trigger an abort in the event of a serious anomaly. #Soyuz
ISS Updates‏ @ISS101 47 сек. назад

#Soyuz MS-04 is now running on battery power, ready for its ride into orbit. http://bit.ly/2ogqw9n
ISS Updates‏ @ISS101 25 сек. назад

#Soyuz FG will stick to the typical 8-min & 48-sec ascent profile to deliver the craft to a 200km orbit. Profile: http://bit.ly/2okacU3
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