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Galileo-FOC FM19 (Tara), Galileo-FOC FM20 (Samuel), Galileo-FOC FM21 (Anna), Galileo-FOC FM22 (Ellen) - Ariane 5-ES (VA244) - Kourou ELA-3 - 11:24:48 25.07.2018
Stéphane Israël‏ @arianespaceceo 3 ч. назад

Delivery! French Guiana has welcomed two of the four #Galileo satellites for launch this year on a heavy-lift #Ariane5. Next, they will be transferred by road to the Spaceport for pre-flight checkout. #MissiontoSuccess @EU_Commission @ESA #OHB

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DutchSpace‏ @DutchSpace 5 мая

First 2 out of 4 of our babies have arrived at #CSG #Galileo #VA244

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Galileo on the road


9 May 2018
The next two satellites in Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system have arrived at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, ahead of their planned launch from the jungle space base in July.

Galileo satellites 23 and 24 left Luxembourg Airport on a Boeing 747 cargo jet on the morning of 4 May, arriving at Cayenne – Félix Eboué Airport in French Guiana that evening.

They were then unloaded, still in their protective air-conditioned containers, and transported by truck to the cleanroom environment of the preparation building within Europe’s Spaceport.

This pair will be launched along with another two Galileo satellites, which are due to be transported to French Guiana later this month.
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DutchSpace‏ @DutchSpace 2 ч. назад

2 out of 4 of our babies in the #CSG cleanroom #Galileo #VA244

ESA Technology‏ @ESA_Tech 4 ч. назад

Unboxing #Galileo satellites 23 & 24 at Europe's Spaceport #CSG in #Kourou French Guiana, preparing for 25 July launch: http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Navigation/Highlights/Unboxing_Galileo2

Ariane 5 | May 17, 2018
The initial two satellites for Ariane 5’s next Galileo launch begin processing in French Guiana

Two of the four Galileo satellites for Flight VA244 are shown inside the S1A payload preparation facility after being removed from their protective shipping containers.

Payload preparations have begun for Arianespace’s next Ariane 5 mission in support of Europe’s Galileo global navigation system, with two of the four satellites for launch on this July 2018 flight now undergoing their checkout at the Spaceport.
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OHB‏ @OHB_SE 1 ч. назад

Time to say goodbye: the last pair of Galileo-FOC-satellites left the premises of OHB in Bremen today. The team of OHB wishes a good journey to Kourou! #galileo #satellite #space #spaceindustry
DutchSpace‏ @DutchSpace 33 мин. назад

Something arrived.... part 2.... #VA244 #Ariane5 #Galileo #ESA

Stéphane Israël‏ @arianespaceceo 27 мин. назад

All four #Galileo satellites for launch on #Ariane5 Flight #VA244 are now in French Guiana, following delivery of the next two spacecraft via cargo jetliner. Liftoff is planned for July! #MissiontoSuccess @EU_Commission @ESA #OHB

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DutchSpace‏ @DutchSpace 9 ч. назад

In other news, our #Ariane5 arrived at #CSG last week, this is the 100th EPC created ... #Galileo #VA244 #ESA

Ariane 5 | June 6, 2018

Ariane 5 for Arianespace’s next Galileo mission is at the Spaceport

The cryogenic main stage for Arianespace’s Flight VA244 is transported across the Spaceport after arriving in French Guiana.

Launch vehicle elements for Arianespace’s third Ariane 5 flight at the service of Europe’s Galileo global satellite navigation system, which is planned for July, have been delivered to the Spaceport.

These components, including the core cryogenic stage, arrived in French Guiana aboard one of two sea-going roll-on/roll-off ships that transport launcher hardware fr om Europe to the South American launch site for Arianespace’s family of launch vehicles.

The mission – designated Flight VA244 in Arianespace’s launcher family numbering system – will orbit four more Galileo FOC (Full Operational Capability) spacecraft, to be deployed into medium Earth orbit from a dispenser system on the Ariane 5 ES launcher version. Galileo is designed to provide a new European global satellite navigation system with precision positioning services under civilian control.
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DutchSpace‏ @DutchSpace 3 ч. назад

Our launch campaign is progressing well at #CSG fitchecks were performed #Galileo #VA244

DutchSpace‏ @DutchSpace назад

Ariane 5 EPC number 100 and ours..... #Ariane5 #VA244 #Galileo

33 мин. назад

A rare look at the business end of our Ariane 5 EPC during integration inside the BIL at CSG #Ariane5 #VA244 #Galileo for info the is the 100th EPC built and the last Ariane 5 ES model to be launched...

Ariane 5 | June 13, 2018

All four satellites are undergoing preparation for Ariane 5’s next Galileo launch

In the Spaceport’s S1A clean room facility, the four Galileo FOC satellites are prepared for their fit-check evaluation with the mission’s payload dispenser.

The four Galileo satellites for Arianespace’s next Ariane 5 mission at the service of Europe’s navigation system are coming together in their flight configuration, while parallel preparations continue with the mission’s heavy-lift launcher.
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Ariane 5 | June 18, 2018

Ariane 5 takes shape for its July mission to orbit satellites for Europe’s Galileo constellation

Ariane 5’s cryogenic main stage is moved into position over the mobile launch table inside the Spaceport’s Launcher Integration Building (photo at left), which was followed by separate rollouts of the two solid propellant boosters (photos, center and right).

The next Ariane 5 to orbit satellites for Europe’s Galileo global navigation system has begun taking shape at French Guiana, as build-up of the heavy-lift vehicle is now underway inside the Spaceport’s Launcher Integration Building.
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DutchSpace‏ @DutchSpace 37 мин. назад

nice shot of the #Ariane5 ES EPS upper stage being integrated onto our launcher, this will be the last time an EPS upper stage will be used #VA244 #Galileo #ESA

DutchSpace‏ @DutchSpace 23 мин. назад

Nice shot of our #Ariane5 CASE or VEB (Vehicle Equipment Bay) the "brains" of the launcher #VA244 #Galileo

DutchSpace‏ @DutchSpace 8 ч. назад

Meanwhile at #CSG our babies have moved location to start fueling ops... #VA244 #Galileo #ESA

CSG на своей странице в Мордокниге разместил стикер миссии

P.-F. Mouriaux‏ @PFMouriaux 28 июн.

Dans le BIL (bâtiment d'intégration lanceur) du #CSG, l'Ariane 5 de la mission VA 244 qui embarquera les Galileo 19 à 22 le 25 juillet prochain

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