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ORS-5: SensorSat – Minotaur-4/Orion 38 – Канаверал SLC-46 – 26.08.2017, 03:14 UTC
Teams practice for Cape Canaveral’s first launch of Minotaur 4 rocket
February 12, 2017 Justin Ray

The pathfinder vehicle stands atop Complex 46, enclosed by the mobile gantry. Credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight Now

CAPE CANAVERAL — Three inert Peacekeeper missile stages have been stacked at Cape Canaveral’s Complex 46 pad, demonstrating the techniques that will be used to assemble a Minotaur 4 rocket to launch an experimental space surveillance satellite this summer.
Decommissioned Peacekeeper missiles form the basis for Minotaur 4 rockets, operated by Orbital ATK, and will deliver the majority of power to launch a small spacecraft, called SensorSat, into Earth orbit.
Launch is tentatively planned for July 15 at roughly 1 a.m. EDT (0500 GMT).
Known as the Operationally Responsive Space-5 mission, or ORS-5, it will be the first Minotaur launch fr om Cape Canaveral.
Officials say the Cape was chosen as the launch site because it is best suited to fly the special five-stage Minotaur 4 into the desired equatorial orbit.
The payload will circle the planet in low-Earth orbit to scan the valuable region of space 22,300 miles high — the geosynchronous orbital belt — to spot debris and warn against collisions.
Geosynchronous orbit is wh ere communications satellites, weather observatories and key reconnaissance platforms reside because that altitude allows the craft to fly continuously above the same part of the globe.
Many of the details about ORS-5 remain classified. But SensorSat will test technologies and reduce the risk for future space situational awareness missions.
The launch pad hosting this mission is Complex 46, a former Trident missile test site built in the 1980s for the U.S. Navy, then converted to spaceflight users in the 1990s and employed by Lockheed Martin to launch two Athena boosters including NASA’s Lunar Prospector.
Space Florida, an arm of the state, now oversees the complex for commercial customers. It will be the first launch from the pad, which is on the easternmost tip of the Cape, in 18 years.
Five previous Minotaur 4 rockets have launched from Kodiak Island in Alaska and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California since 2010.
The entire Minotaur family has conducted 25 missions since 2000, all successfully. Cape Canaveral will join Kodiak Island, Vandenberg and Wallops Island in Virginia as sites that have hosted launches.
Mission planners selected the Cape to launch SensorSat due to the plane change required en route to achieve the targeted orbit. A Wallops-based launch could not reach such an orbit with Minotaur 4, officials said.

The pathfinder vehicle stands atop Complex 46, enclosed by the mobile gantry. Credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight Now

The successful pathfinder operations at Complex 46 were completed Sunday and punctuated with a photo op for the news media. The inert stages will be destacked beginning Monday.
The real rocket for ORS-5 will be stacked beginning about three weeks before launch. That will be followed by a week-and-a-half of pre-flight testing.
Minotaur 4 will blast off on 500,000 pounds of thrust, propelling the 193,000-pound, 78-foot-tall rocket on a half-hour trip to orbit.
After the three Peacekeeper motors burn, two commercial upper stages deliver the final pushes to reach orbital velocity and then change planes to obtain the correct inclination for ORS-5.
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Launch of military’s new space-based satellite tracker delayed two months
June 21, 2017 Stephen Clark

File photo of a Minotaur 4 rocket on a launch pad in Alaska before a launch in September 2011. Credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight Now

The launch from Cape Canaveral of a small U.S. military satellite from built to track objects in geosynchronous orbit has been delayed from mid-July until September, an Air Force spokesperson said.
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Spaceflight Now‏ @SpaceflightNow 9 мин. назад

UPDATE: Cape Canaveral’s first Minotaur launch now scheduled for no earlier than Aug 25 after delay from mid-July. https://spaceflightnow.com/2017/06/21/launch-of-militarys-new-space-based-satellite-tracker-delayed-two-months/ …
Space Florida‏ @SpaceFlorida 19 мин. назад

Yesterday, LC-46 moved the MAS to the Launch Ready Configuration as part of the preparation for the @OrbitalATK Minotaur 4 launch on 8/25

Stephen Clark‏ @StephenClark1 17 мин. назад

Updates to US launch schedule include new target dates for Falcon 9/CRS 12 (Aug. 14) and Atlas 5/TDRS M (Aug. 20). https://spaceflightnow.com/launch-schedule/ …
Build-up begins for first Minotaur rocket launch from Cape Canaveral
August 4, 2017 Stephen Clark

File photo of a Minotaur 4 rocket before a launch from Kodiak Island, Alaska. Credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight Now

Ground crews at a long-dormant launch pad at Cape Canaveral are stacking surplus military missile motors for the Aug. 25 launch of a Minotaur 4 rocket with a satellite designed to track orbital traffic thousands of miles above Earth.
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Orbital ATK‏Подлинная учетная запись @OrbitalATK 2 ч назад

Orbital ATK stacks the 4th stage of the #MinotaurIV rocket in prep for the Aug 25 #ORS5 launch in Fla. @45thSpaceWing @AF_SMC @50thSpaceWing
Mission Update: Minotaur IV ORS-5 Launch

Launch: August 25, 2017 11:14 p.m. EDT
Launch Site:SLC-46, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Mission Customer:United States Air Force

Mission Update

Orbital ATK will launch a Minotaur IV rocket carrying the ORS-5 satellite for the United States Air Force on Friday, August 25, 2017 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The launch window will be open from 11:14 p.m. EDT August 25 to 3:15 a.m. EDT August 26.

Watch the live broadcast on www.orbitalatk.com beginning approximately 20 minutes before launch.

Minotaur Mission Trajectory

About the Mission

Orbital ATK's Minotaur IV space launch vehicle will launch the ORS-5 mission for the U.S. Air Force as a part of the Orbital/Suborbital Program-3 (OSP-3) contract. ORS-5, also known as SensorSat, is designed to scan for other satellites and debris to aid the U.S. military’s tracking of objects in geosynchronous orbit. For the ORS-5 launch, the Minotaur IV will use two Orion 38 upper stage motors. The final Orion 38 motor burn will reduce the angle of the ORS-5 satellite’s orbit, redirecting the spacecraft to equatorial orbit.

More Information

Minotaur IV Fact Sheet
ORS-5 Fact Sheet
Minotaur Webpage
Minotaur Mission History
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Launch Hazard Area
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Los Angeles Air Force Base, Home of Space and Missile Systems Center добавил(-а) 5 новых фото.
17 августа в 17:49 ·

Air Force, mission partners prepare satellite for August launch

LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- The U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center’s Operationally Responsive Space Office completed a major program milestone after overseeing the successful delivery of their ORS-5 satellite from Lexington, Massachusetts to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida for final processing, encapsulation, stacking and integration for launch.
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Куда это мы летим? На геостационар, чтоли?  :o
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1st ASTS provides critical support for Minotaur launch at Cape

By Senior Airman Ian Dudley, 30th Space Wing Public Affairs / Published August 17, 2017

The 1st Air and Space Test Squadron at Vandenberg Air Force Base will be assisting with the first ever Minotaur IV launch fr om Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The 1st ASTS team coordinated the transport for the first three stages of the engine to Cape Canaveral AFS where they will provide support through the day of launch.

The Minotaur IV is an expendable launch system derived from an old Peacekeeper Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.
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Эмблема миссии

ORS-5 satellite prepped for launch

SMC Public Affairs / Published August 18, 2017

With a Flight Readiness Review successfully concluded Aug. 17, the Air Force’s Operational Responsive Space (ORS)-5 satellite is now ready for its journey to equatorial orbit fr om Space Launch Complex-46 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. It is scheduled for launch on Aug. 25 during a four-hour launch window that opens at 11:15 p.m., EDT, after being stacked and mated atop a five-stage Orbital ATK Minotaur IV launch vehicle.

ORS-5, also known as SensorSat, was encapsulated Aug. 11 at the Astrotech Space Operations Florida processing facility in preparation for its upcoming launch. Encapsulation of ORS-5 marked the satellite’s completion of all major testing prior to transfer to LC-46. The stacking of the Minotaur IV launch vehicle and integration events on the launch pad with the payload are significant milestones in ORS-5’s launch progress.
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Текущая лицензия FAA - LLO 17-099, Minotaur IV (CCAFS), Signed (2017-02-10).pdf
ORS-5 fact sheet

Spaceflight Now‏ @SpaceflightNow 3 мин. назад

Ground crews at Cape Canaveral assemble souped-up Cold War-era missile for satellite launch next Friday night. https://spaceflightnow.com/2017/08/19/assembly-complete-for-minotaur-launcher-at-cape-canaveral/ …

Assembly complete for Minotaur launcher at Cape Canaveral
August 19, 2017 Stephen Clark

Using industrial cranes at a no-frills launch pad on the eastern tip of Cape Canaveral, a team of Orbital ATK and U.S. Air Force technicians have fully stacked a modified Cold War-era missile set for launch next week with a $49 million satellite built to track other objects in orbit.

The Minotaur 4 rocket, made up of five solid-fueled stages, is scheduled to fire into space fr om pad 46 at Cape Canaveral next Friday night, Aug. 25, at 11:15 p.m. EDT (0315 GMT on Aug. 26).
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