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Curiosity -- Mars Science Laboratory
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push the human race forward
У  специалиста НАСА Chris McKay, кто изучает эволюцию солнечной системы и источники жизни на Марсe, есть ссылки на его статьи на английском.

Журнал GRL - это Geophysical Research Letters.
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Уж месяц прошёл, и тихо что-то.
"Любопытный", пардон, ещё работает?
Sols 2506-2508: Until we meet again  By   Michelle Minitti,  Planetary Geologist  at Framework
 August 23, 2019  
    NASA's Mars rover Curiosity acquired this image using its Mast Camera (Mastcam) on Sol 2490 Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS
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Today was the final opportunity to actively command Curiosity before  the Sun comes between us and Mars. Most of the instruments are safely  stored for the solar conjunction break, but intrepid Navcam was  available for some last-minute science observations. Navcam will measure  the amount of dust in the atmosphere, look for dust devils, and look  for clouds in a series of images and movies on Sol 2506. After that, the  remote sensing mast will turn its gaze down toward the workspace to  guard against dust accumulation on the mast instruments.

While Curiosity will not receive commands from Earth during solar  conjunction, she has already been loaded with a series of commands to  keep her systematically gathering data for the next two weeks. REMS and  RAD will acquire multiple measurements each sol, DAN will acquire one  long passive measurement each sol, and Navcam and the front and rear  Hazcams will each acquire one image per day. The mast's downward-looking  view includes the "Glen Etive" drill hole, allowing Navcam to monitor  any changes in the cuttings around the drill hole. DAN will also acquire  active measurements twice during solar conjunction to exercise its  neutron generator. The data gathered will be stored up for return once  we regain reliable communications with Mars.

Just as solar conjunction is not time off for Curiosity, it is not time  off for the science team! Without the responsibilities of commanding the  rover, the team has more time to pore over the spectacular data  Curiosity has gathered for us. It takes time to translate each image,  mosaic, and spectrum into a better understanding of what happened in  Gale crater, and conjunction affords us more of this time to think  deeply and carefully. Ultimately, the time dedicated to science turns  into papers, which are one of the many ways the science team communicates what it has learned with our colleagues and the wider public.

If you miss Curiosity while she is out of contact, enjoy your own tour through all our images here. We promise there is enough to see there to get you through two weeks!

    About this Blog
 These blog updates are provided by self-selected Mars Science Laboratory  mission team members who love to share what Curiosity is doing with the  public.

Dates of planned rover activities described in  these reports are subject to change due to a variety of factors related  to the Martian environment, communication relays and rover status.

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"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"
Понимаю, значит на две недели - тишина.
По ссылке выложены фото в том числе по дату публикации.
"Были когда-то и мы рысаками!!!"
Salo написал:
По ссылке выложены фото в том числе по дату публикации.
Благодарю - заглянул.
Просто интересно было, что ж затих "Любопытный".
Виктор Левашов написал:
Просто интересно было, что ж затих "Любопытный".
Он не затих. Просто упоминать о нём непатриотично.  
Ангара - единственный в истории мировой космонавтики случай когда новая ракета по всем параметрам хуже старой. (с) Старый Ламер

Чем мрачнее и непригляднее реальность тем ярче и цветистее бред. (с) Старый Ламер
Старый написал:
Он не затих. Просто упоминать о нём непатриотично.  
В статье указано, что на две недели - в автономном режиме. Пока Солнце между нами.
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