Новости Космонавтики - A Researcher’s Guide to: Technology Demonstration

A Researcher’s Guide to: Technology Demonstration

  • Год: 2013
  • Авторы: David. M. Hornyak
  • Издательство: NASA
  • Страна/Город: USA
  • Формат файла: pdf

The mission of the International Space Station (ISS) Program is to advance science and technology research, expand human knowledge, inspire and educate the next generation, foster the commercial development of space and demonstrate capabilities to enable future exploration missions beyond low Earth orbit (LEO). To execute this mission — specifically, technology advancements — the ISS Program is utilizing the space station as a test bed to demonstrate operational techniques and capabilities, and demonstrate technologies and advanced systems that benefit space science capabilities and human and robotic exploration beyond LEO. This booklet has been developed to provide prospective technology and advanced system developers the information that will aid in the formulation of demonstration concepts and as an introduction of station capabilities, characteristics and processes.

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