Новости Космонавтики - A Researcher’s Guide to: Space Environmental Effects

A Researcher’s Guide to: Space Environmental Effects

  • Год: 2015
  • Авторы: Miria M. Finckenor , Kim K. de Groh
  • Издательство: NASA
  • Страна/Город: USA

Soaring 250 miles above Earth, the ISS is a modern wonder of the world, combining the efforts of 15 countries and thousands of scientists, engineers and technicians. The ISS is a magnificent platform for all kinds of research to improve life on Earth, enable future space exploration and understand the universe. This researcher’s guide is intended to help potential researchers plan experiments that would be exposed to the space environment, while externally attached to or deployed from the ISS. It covers all the pertinent aspects of the space environment, how to best translate ground research to flight results and lessons learned from previous experiments. It also details what power and data are available on the ISS in various external locations.https://yadi.sk/i/oa2KRvU6xiNVhg

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