Новости Космонавтики - A Researcher’s Guide to: Acceleration Environment

A Researcher’s Guide to: Acceleration Environment

  • Год: 1975
  • Авторы: Автор 1, Автор 2, Автор 3
  • Издательство: Издательство
  • Страна/Город: Америка
  • Формат файла: format1, format2, format3

Full Speed AheadThe International Space Station (ISS) has a mass of over 900,000 pounds (400,000 kg), but it’s nearly weightless! This near weightlessness is due to its continuous state of free-fall around the Earth not considering a small amount of atmospheric drag. An accounting of precisely how weightless comes by virtue of the Microgravity Acceleration Measurement System (MAMS) which monitors the quasi-steady acceleration environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ISS offers a microgravity research platform for those who need to leverage its unique environment. The space station is over 350 feet (109 m) wide and has 3 separate, main laboratory modules, each roughly the size of a school bus. Each laboratory has a multitude of equipment, some related to science operations and some related to life-support.

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